Handing Over The Torch

Imagine someone running with a torch in their hand. A fiery blaze burning with enthusiasm and anxiety, waiting to ignite it’s next flame and take over what was left of it. This scenario has been seen and highlighted every Olympics and has captured millions of viewers anticipating the day when the torch will reach its destination and has set it’s final flame.
In small retrospect, this quarter and its transformative journey has been illustrated just like that. We’ve seen the light that we need to ignite, and we see ourselves pacing forward and making every move and every step with notion as to the “big idea.” We’ve begun this journey with a single step and now we’ve hit the ground running so to speak.
The first step was a realization that water is a lifeline, it is what built these great civilizations and has enabled major economy to flourish under those circumstances. The ancient civilizations of China and Mesopotamia have depended on large bodies of water for sustenance and in contemporary view, that is what the LA Aqueduct has brought to fruition for many Angelinos.
This quarter has become a narrative of the double-edged sword of the LA Aqueduct. In one side the LA Aqueduct has brought conventions of a working city in a place that could not have had the chance to do so with its local water resources. In the opposing side, the LA Aqueduct has left a valley desecrated with historical remains of what used to be, and has undergone extensive  control by a municipal regime that controls the politics of the place.
Understanding this story has ignited our torch and we’ve arrived at a stop along our destination. Lighting the flame to fuel the fire that will bring more awareness to the triumphs and setbacks of this major piece of infrastructure has only just begun. It’s time to begin.


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