Water Flows


Near Independence, CA Well 103 extracts water from 260 feet below the Owens Valley surface. Photo by: Barry Lehrman



Sources and Sinks of water in the Los Angeles Aqueduct 2003 – 2013. [High quality prints are available – email Prof. Lehrman for sizes and prices.]


The diagram above maps the average water flows through the Los Angeles Aqueduct from 2003-2013. This is a subset of the 150 years of water data that has been aggregated by the Aqueduct Futures project from historic & contemporary sources for Los Angeles, Inyo County, and Mono County. Clicking the image will enlarge the diagram, and demonstrate where water is being extracted throughout Owens Valley, where our other water-sources are coming from, and how it is all being used (or wasted) as it makes its way into Los Angeles.

[Data Sources: LADWP’s Annual Reports; UWMP; various technical and legal reports/documents relating to Owens Lake, groundwater pumping, Mono Lake, and water use and supply; the 1916 Complete Report on the Construction of the Los Angeles Aqueduct Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering; Los Angeles County Public Works; Los Angeles County Sanitation Department; Metropolitan Water District; Inyo Water; Mono County; Mono Lake Committee; California Water Resources; California Water Atlas; US Environmental Protection Agency; US Geologic Survey; US National Atlas; National Oceanic & Atmospheric Association; Vincent Ostrom’s Dissertation (1950); students in LA302L, LA499, and the Aqueduct Futures Project]



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