Owens Valley Planning Tool

Watershed Whisperers’ Los Angeles Aqueduct Watershed Planning Tool

For their 2013 Master of Landscape Architecture 606 Capstone Studio Project, Tiernan Doyle, Eric Haley, James Powell, and Devon Santy – the Watershed Whisperers – developed an innovated planning tool for the watershed of the Los Angeles Aqueduct in Inyo and Mono Counties that utilizes Google Earth to help decision-makers review land-use policy.


Their goal was to balance human and ecological needs in the Owens Valley and Mono Basin watersheds, and developed through a combination of rigorous background research and stakeholder engagement. To do this, they identified:

• Land with the greatest potential for hydrologic regeneration.
• Areas of crucial habitat and locate opportunities to increase or enhance habitat connections.
• Sustainable and ecologically sensitive recreation enhancements that encourage stewardship and increase tourism.
• Guidelines for economic development that utilize local resources and promote the area’s cultural heritage.
• Guidelines for agriculture that support ecosystem health while providing increased food security for local residents.
• Areas of potential land use conflicts and propose management guidelines for their resolution.
• Sggestions to prepare residents and local infrastructure to better absorb fluctuations in resource availability.

606 Los Angeles Aqueduct Watershed Planning Tool Downloads:

WSW_Earth.kmz [21mb]   <—- open with Google Earth to use

606_WSW_ShortPresentation [6.9mb]
Watershed Whisperers Summary Report [4.3mb]

Full report chapters:

00_Cover_Contents_Exec Summary [688kb]
01_Introduction [1.6mb]
02_How To Use This Document [211kb]
03_Setting The Stage [3.8mb]
04_Characters [839kb]
05_Processes [9mb]
06_Community [793kb]
07_Analysis And Program [17.2mb]
08_Guidelines [1.3mb]
09_Sample Implementations [3.7mb]
10_The Future [766kb]
11_References_Appendices [1.4mb]

For more information about the WSW Planning Tool

Please contact Barry Lehrman (blehrman@csupomona.edu) or use the form below:

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