Little Stewards

Little Stewards

As the quarter comes to an end, we progress forward in our educational journey as landscape architecture students here at Cal Poly Pomona. Each quarter we get closer and closer to identifying how we can apply ourselves to real world issues. The Aqueduct Futures Project is one way in which we landscape architecture students step forward in becoming little stewards of the community and take a stab at our title as stewards of the land. As future landscape architects, we have a commitment to the land, the earth, and our community. Each decision we make as future designers and scientist’s affects our community at every scale, therefore it is important to keep in mind the impact we can make as educators. The Aqueduct Futures Project offers a broad range of tools in which we can communicate to the public the impacts and benefits resulting from the Los Angeles aqueduct. Often times we may forget that where one side of the world flourishes, there is another portion that is paying the price. The Aqueduct Futures Project has potential to change people’s views on water use and it may inspire younger generations to begin thinking about the importance of our water supply.


2 responses to “Little Stewards

  1. Very well said Denise. As future Landscape Architects, we must ensure that what ever projects may fall in our hands, disregarding its scales, we must design within the needs of the local environment and community.

  2. I have always enjoyed reading your posts and getting to know your point of view. You always have a good way with your words and getting your point across. I have no doubt that you will become a good steward of the community.

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