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Aqueduct Futures Publications

Lehrman, B. 2018. Visualizing Water Infrastructure with Sankey Maps: a Case Study of Mapping the Los Angeles Aqueduct, California. Journal of Maps, 14(1), 52-64. DOI: 10.1080/17445647.2018.1473815 [open access].

Lehrman, B. 2017. Reconstructing the Void: Owens Lake [revised]. Water Index: Design Strategies for Drought, Flooding and Contamination. Seth McDowell, editor. University of Virginia/ACTAR Press, Barcelona. [purchase].

Lehrman, B. 2014. Owens Lake Dust Mitigation [Photographs]. Design in the Terrain of Water, edited by Anuradha Mathur and Dilip da Cunha. Applied Research & Design (AR+D). [purchase].

Lehrman, B., Douglas Delgado, and Mary Alm. 2013. Aqueduct as Muse: Educating Designers for Multifunctional Landscapes. Arid Journal. Volume 2, Issue 2, Fall.

Milburn, Lee-Anne, Barry Lehrman, Tiernan Doyle, Eric Haley, James Powell, and Devon Santy. 2013. Contested Water, Unholy Alliances, and Globalized Colonies: Exploring the Perception of Water by Residents of the Los Angeles Aqueduct Watershed. Arid Journal. Volume 2, Issue 2, Fall.

Lehrman, B. 2008. Reconstructing the Void: Owens Lake. Infrastructural City: Networked Ecologies in Los Angeles. Kazys Varnelis, editor. Los Angeles Forum for Architecture/Columbia Networked Urbanism Lab/ACTAR Press, Barcelona. [purchase].

Articles about Aqueduct Futures

12/09/2013.  Kim Stringfellow. Revisioning the Los Angeles Aqueduct Infrastructure. Artbound KCET.

11/12/2013.  Benett Kessler. Cal Poly looks for new relationship between LA and Inyo-Mono. Sierra Wave.

2/14/2013.  Benett Kessler. Students examine what could be. Sierra Wave.

1/22/2013.  Mike Gervais & Register Staff. L.A. City Council declares 2013 ‘Year of the Aqueduct’. Inyo Register.

10/11/2012.  Mike Gervais & Register Staff. L.A. Aqueduct in spotlight. Inyo

Watershed Wranglers 606 Owens Valley bibliography:

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