Paints, Inks, And a Canvas?


Earlier today, I completed  a sketch of two painting projects that  I plan on finishing up over my spring break. One idea pertains to the LA Aqueduct while the other pertains to the use of ‘AutoCAD’, a program often used within my future career field. Both of these ideas will be abstract representations within their subject matters.

I started painting  after I graduated from High School and I haven’t stopped painting since then. I find that it is more than JUST a hobby. It is how I express myself without limitations. Some people prefer sketching with a pen or writing down thoughts with a pencil. I prefer to dip a brush in paint and stroke on and on,  building layer upon layer with color , after color, after color…

I plan on submitting these two projects in an art competition. It would be great to win the competition. But if that doesn’t happen, thats ok too. In the end, In doing something that I love. Painting. It’s a powerful form of expression.


3 responses to “Paints, Inks, And a Canvas?

  1. That is great that you paint. I have tried to take on some hobbies over the years and nothing has really stuck. I hope that landscape architecture becomes something that I love to do and get paid for it, too. I have had many hobbies in the past but they have all faded over time. I am honestly afraid to start anything with the way my studies go. I plan on addressing my health more in the future. It is a goal of mine. I have gained a lot of weight being in college. I really like both autocad and the la aqueduct. These sound like they are going to be some interesting paintings. You will have to post them or let us know how they come out.

  2. With the growing technology, the medium changed dramatically. The effect of computers transformed many of our techniques to produce provocative art pieces to evoke emotion and a statement. In relation to landscape architecture, many computer mediums became a growing trend. The computer may have grown to become popular, but the old school painting and sketching will never replace the experience a person has with the drawing. It is evident that computer has taken projects to the next level, but the ideas sketched on paper are much of value as a story behind the drawing provoke a deeper meaning.

  3. i agree with you on the fact that art is an expression without limitations. i have been sketching and painting since elementary school and i really love it, experimentation is also one of my favorite things to do as well. branching out of the sketching and painting field i have also found a passion in pastel, charcoal and clay art. i know we’re super busy right now but when u get the chance i strongly encourage you to experiment with other techniques and you will find that they overlap in so many ways and also there are ways to hybrid different techniques to give quality to your piece that maybe one technique couldn’t but either way good luck and carry on your passion.

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