Migratory Birds 2


From previous map, removes green background and all the graph charts. Now, the map is focusing on population and distribution of those five birds. As seen above, the birds are chosen as design species because some of the birds have a high population while other birds are classified as endangered species. However, the population of the migratory birds in Mono Lake and Owens Lake has been slowly decreasing now because of the impacts from other sources such as climate change, disrupted habitats, and lack of water sources. As seen at the map, all the distribution of the birds is concentrated near to water sources. Moreover, the human impact of Owens Lake by the LA Aqueduct caused the drying of the lake. In comparison with the Mono Lake population, the population of birds in Mono Lake is higher than the Owens Lake.


One response to “Migratory Birds 2

  1. i really like how easy this map is to understand and i feel that because you tapered off all of the unnecessary information and integrated it through graphics makes it also interesting to look at. in addition, the relationship that goes on with birds and water is evident through this map and i feel that you properly displayed this information.

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