Marketing An Exhibition

marketing an exhibition

Within the design realm, a vital part (besides the design itself) is what to do with the “after-product.” Last week, a probing thought that hasn’t really been address very often is what marketing strategies are effective in pushing a product. The highly technological advances with having a mass quantity of beneficial marketing on the web can become a double-edged sword. One in being that the content delivery is almost instantaneous; but in conjunction the amount of response to content can be described as a waiting game. In terms of what we are doing with the Aqueduct Futures Project, the strategies to be utilized to bring about more awareness of a massive piece of infrastructure that delegates a lot of societal issues have been a challenge. Where carefully constructed graphic posters bring on a physicality in the “there-nowness” effect, we must consider the virtual promotion of the content that we have been studying for several quarters. As of right now, methods that have been utilized are the designation of a website to reach the mass demographic as well as computer kiosks filled with contents about maps pertaining to the aqueduct and its impact on the regions that juxtapose it. Future consideration however, to bring more development to this project is the use of social media vessels, such as Facebook, Instagram, or an iPhone app.


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