Owens Lake Field Trip


During the fourth week of school we got to visit Owens Lake, the lake was really big, so vast and mostly empty and really flat. The things that came out were just the mountains on both sides of it. The thing that controlled the dust the most was the flooding, but as we were explained its wasting way to much water, on the other side there were those who blame LADWP for the dry lake, which some people say it was still going to be run dry in the long run even if they didn’t pump the water out. The lake is full of controversy from different sides, in both cases they bring good points on supporting their ideas. We were just in the middle listen to them and trying to figure out what should be done next now that the lake is already dry. Coming with solutions that won’t pour so much water into it, mostly tillage with patterns and some gravel, since it still need to incorporate some wildlife into it.



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