physicality of sound


It is a challenging process to delve into the concept of translating the sound of wind and other ambient noises into a drawing that reveals the physicality of sound. My LA 302 studio from last quarter prompted me to explore the phenomena of synesthesia, a condition that enables one to perceive one sense in union with another sense (e.g. hearing colors or visually perceiving sound as different chromas). I felt that this beginning phase of the LA 303 studio directly correlated with the direction of my project from last quarter. Because of the clear relevance between my project last quarter and this sound drawing exercise, I immediately developed interest in this phase. It enabled me to engage myself in the process of drawing sound and directed me towards an innovative way of capturing the ephemeral using a drawing machine.

My drawing machine consists of a series of drip systems with a tank of watercolor liquids attached to strips of aluminum made out of recycled cans. The series of drip systems are connected to a aluminum rod, held up by a network of metal wires. As the wind pushes the strips in different directions, they sway while dripping liquid onto the canvas, creating a drawing purely influenced by the movement of the wind.


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