S.A.D. (Salt and Dust)

How do we capture the mood of a place? This was the first question asked. Prior to field trip week, our team strategized on what we felt would work. We got most of the shots we intended but after composing the first draft of our video, we realized that only a few clips could be utilized. Dozens of hours wasted, we thought. Nonetheless, a few clips were selected at the end, and they were picked among hundreds of photos and videos. More importantly, the videos selected were selected because we then knew what Owens Lake really meant eidetic wise; and because we were there to feel the sadness, and the abandonment of the place. S.A.D. (Salt and Dust) reveals what we can’t see when one drives to mono lake on the 395 freeway, or what we read on internet articles. I feel that our video transmits a mood, not a story. Learning video skills was perhaps frustrating at first, but it became a tool for me as a landscape architect to present a bid idea. Also, I feel the eidetic part of the video would not being made possible if we did not visit the site as our perception influenced collages in the video as well as the sequencing and the music.


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