P1000633This week we covered some video footage that was very dear to me. It was of the S.M.U.R.R.F. or Santa Monica Urban Runoff Recycling Facility. I am a big fan of the ideas and philosophies of sustainability and regeneration. To see technology stepping up and producing something that is worthy of this is awesome. The facility basically takes dirty gutter water and brings it up to a level where it can be used for irrigation without threat of micro-organisms. The fun is that this design is fully functional and in operation. Dirty water that would regularly run out into the ocean is captured and recycled. It is like getting 300,000-500,000 gallons a day added to the system.

This water offsets the regular irrigation water that is classified as regular drinking water. It probably also keeps the beach cleaner. That is the target for many of the projects related to sustainability and regeneration which is simultaneous solutions. I study landscape architecture and that is where my heart is. These issues will become more apparent as the climate continues to change. Being a student of landscape architecture I want my works to stand on their own especially with the threat of climate change and the fluctuation of the availability of water predicted in the future. I am just saying…


One response to “S.M.U.R.R.F.

  1. Hey Charlie I am also a fan of sustainability and regeneration. I am also big on water conservation. I became aware with all this when I started at the water district. I learned so much about water conservation that I came to appreciate water so much. Now that I am close to graduating I want to dedicate my life with sustainability and water conservation. In the near future us Landscape Architects will be the ones addressing all the issues that we have with water.

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