The Presentation of the Aqueduct Future Poster

P1000638In the studio this week we had our associates from CS 499 (computer science) come by and see some of the work we have been busy working on. It seemed like to me that the work was well done displaying nice aesthetic layouts. Some of the computer science majors actually thought that too much of the information was lost to aesthetics. It went well and we all had a chance to talk about what our area of focus was. The area I chose to focus on was the impact of the Population in Owens Valley over time compared to the water use of of Los Angeles.

I have to admit that my presentation was my strongest point and my graphics and digital media was my weakest point. I have the information related to my topic. I have searched meticulously through many sources to gather up all of my information. If anything I hope that through this exercise and project I will further develop my understanding of the software product illustrator. I have burned up 5 hour sessions wrestling with this software with no avail. It seems like every time I encounter new software this theme comes up and I have made it through it. But for now I am still shaking and baking trying to make it through to the next stage of the project.

Since this post- I have continued to work and develop my skills on illustrator and further refine my poster. I have many feelings of pride working on the Aqueduct Futures project. I want to produce the best product possible and I know that takes work.


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