Vegetation Panorama


Development always left ecological footprint, and it is perceived either on a short period of time or latter on. It was not the exception with the construction of the LA Aqueduct. In this case probably, the intensity of the environmental issues generated were not evident till years later of the operation of this development. That is why it is valuable that humans’ actions are consciously reasoned before to execute them.  Unfortunately, Los Angeles water needs by 1941 were most important to be resolved than thinking about Regions that now are in the same situation. This is the case of Owens Valley that has become an environmental concern since it has been subject of water diversions to the LA Aqueduct. This issue has driven vegetation into serious conditions. AIkali meadows (Perennial grasses) are low groundwater table dependent communities, which have characterized the Valley for centuries more significant than shrub communities. Since Owens Valley has reflected a significant groundwater decline for obvious reasons, thus perennial grasses as well.

The mapping above is intended to demonstrate how we can bring relief to these plant communities. After taking control of some parcels from water diversions via wells, the recovery of perennial cover from 1992 to 2011 is noticeable in this map. It shows perennial conditions on each Region in Owens Valley according to studies made within this period of time. Numbers of parcels which conditions are above, below or at acceptable state (baseline) are mapped in order to demonstrate the improvements of such mediations; Even though some parcels have not yet got into an acceptable condition or baseline. In resume, the intent of this map is to report changes of perennial land coverage in Owens Valley. As a reference point, good perennial grass condition is synonymous of healthy environment in Owens Valley. Then, here is just another of many examples where problems can be avoided and where nature is again hurt because of humans’ actions.


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  1. Defining the strife between the interactions of water supply to vegetation is a cogent method of demonstration for this particular issue. Delineating the fundamental value that a promotion for a more healthy Owens Valley is directly correlated with the groundwater is a convincing argument that deserves much needed attention.

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