Recharged and Redone


Major additions have been added onto this project since my last post, this poster was pinned up for our midterm presentations and critiques about two weeks ago. Since my last post I have added a notational system that shows the movement of water from the higher points of Owens valley to the lower parts of the valley. I also have added a new color palette that reflects the desert of the valley and the blue of the water. Two different shades of green in triangles show where the multiple aqueduct spill gates and stream gage stations are located. The dark blue circles show the cities that have spreading grounds, this is where the LADWP gathers water and purposely puts the supply in the specified area where the water can eventually percolate through the soil, thus recharging the basin. I realized later that the way I put the cities under the ‘locations’ tab, was actually quite a difficult way to tell where each city was. So there are six specific cities that had recorded the amount of recharge that had percolated through the local soil; Laws, Bishop, Big Pina, Taboose, Independance, and Lone Pine.

For this pin up critique, we were lucky enough to have our friends from the CS499 class join us. It was a nice refresher to get input on our projects from another point of view. Up until this day, we had only been critiqued from fellow landscape students or professors that were familiar with the subject. Some of the CS499 students took a great liking to my use of the blue web to show the movement of possible groundwater recharge. Speaking of these blue webs, according to LADWP groundwater recharge is difficult to accurately measure. So with as much information I can find, and through my synthesis of the different sources of measurements I had to take some creative liberties on the locations and line weight s of the blue webs. This was a test run in showing a different type of quantitative notational system. After some discussion with fellow classmates that had also worked on groundwater, we had come to a conclusion to switch up notational system for flowing groundwater. You’ll just have to wait and see till the next blog post. As always, thanks for following.


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