2013 LA City Hall Exhibit

On display at the Bridge Gallery in Los Angeles City Hall for the centennial of the Aqueduct in November 2013, this was first version of the Aqueduct Futures Exhibit :

Exhibit mock-up sliced

[click to enlarge]

Citations and sources for data used in the creation of the exhibit [will be linked] below

South Wall (starting at Rotunda)

  1. Intro
  2.  Rome to Zanja
  3.  Expansion
  4.  Infrastructure Valley
  5.  Typology
  6.  Water Flows
  7. Analogs
  8. Energy Flows
  9. Ecology
  10. Economics
  11. Urban Water Footprints

North Wall (starting from the security desk)

  1.  Disruptions
  2. Infrastructural Ruralism
  3.  Valley Photo
  4.  Outreach
  5.  Little Lake Photo
  6. Eco-technical opportunities
  7.   Credits

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