The Cal Poly Pomona Los Angeles Aqueduct Futures  Project is supported by the generosity of:

Special thanks to:

  • Michael Woo, Dean of the College of Environmental Design
  • President Michael Ortiz of Cal Poly Pomona.

For overall excellence and crucial assistance:

  • Kris Penrose – LA Department Administrator
  • Mike Prather – Friends of the Inyo, Eastern Sierra Audubon & Inyo, County Water Commissioner
  • Jon Klusmire – Eastern California Museum
  • Mary Oliver & Sarah Cannon (retired) – Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs
  • Larry Freilich – Inyo Water
  • Chris Austin
  • Bartshé Miller – Mono Lake Committee

For helping with the field trip and workshops:

  • Kim Stringfellow
  • Chris Plakos – Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
  • Erik Leitch – Owens Valley Radio Observatory
  • Sally Manning, Alan Bacock, & Ross Stone – Big Pine Paiute Tribe
  • Mark Bagley & Ceal Klingler – Owens Lake Committee

For helping develop the intellectual framework:

Plus all the participants at:

  • The Bishop, Lone Pine, and June Lake workshops
  • Conversation #32/100 Conversations about Water, IOU Garden, Lone Pine

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