Winter 2013 Courses

LA302L Interpretive Aqueduct Studio II (Lehrman)

LA302L (Winter 2013) is the continuation the Aqueduct Futures Fall studios (LA301L-01 & -02 and LA401L-02).  Beyond further development of the projects started in the fall, you will collaborate on developing the content for a public exhibition at LA City Hall and website with students and faculty from Computer Science and Graphic Arts.  Through this collaboration, you will be introduced to interactive media and design communication techniques to enhance the public dialog about water policy, conservation, adaptation, resilience, and sustainability.

Students enrolled in LA302L are blogging about their design process and sharing their work-in-progress.

LA606 Aqueduct Watershed Project (Lehrman et al)

For their 606 Capstone project, a team of 3rd year MLA students are developing a comprehensive regional plan for the entire watershed of the Los Angeles Aqueduct that addresses ecology, cultural uses, and the water supply. The 606 project will continue through the summer.

CS499 Interactive Media and App Coding (Kerbs)

In collaboration with students and faculty from Landscape Architecture and Graphic Arts, CS students will develop a multi-venue public exhibition (Kiosk) and website for the Centennial of the Los Angeles Aqueduct. Additionally, CS students will evaluate web-based mapping/geodesign/geo-location tools for mobile computing. Space is limited. The pre-requisite is minimum grade of C (2.0) or better in CS 241.

ART499 Advanced Communication, Exhibition and Interface Design (Lee)

This special study course will focus on the development of graphic design components for the educational themed exhibition for the centennial of the opening of the Los Angeles Aqueduct. The exhibition will be on display at Cal Poly Pomona and other exhibition venues beginning in November 2013. In collaboration with students and faculty from Landscape Architecture, Computer Science and more, GD students will create presentation components for the exhibition. Development of student work may include, but will not be limited to, organizing research materials, designing infographics, maps, the interactive kiosk station which will feature the storytelling of the LA Aqueduct Project, as well as the user interface for the touchtone kiosk. The goal of the interactive interpretations in this exhibition is to educate a wide range ofvisitors about the LA Aqueduct in its past, present and future. Space is limited. The pre‐requisite is minimum grade of C‐ or better in Art 352A. Students may petition to replace Art 452A with this course in  winter 2013.

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