Wind Impressions


As we created abstract markings and hatches from our wind drawings, we were to explore how to make a machine that can make markings and drawings that were enforced by the movement of the wind. In order for my machine to work, I explored with light elements such as thread, wooden dowels and art sponges to make them move across the paper to create markings. Even when using such light elements, struggling with creating a marking through movement was quite difficult. The sponges were soaked in water diluted paint and when was directed toward the wind machine, it created marks from the sponges. When using on Cal Poly campus, the wind did not implement any movement toward the hanging sponges but once placing the machine up in the foothills of Claremont, the sponges had a wider range of marking all along the page. Of course, when placing the machine in a different location with more wind versus one with little to no, would greatly impact the movement of the sponges.


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