Exploring Owen’s Valley


When first arriving to Owen’s Valley, I really did not know what to expect of this place. Year after year, passing along the 395 Hwy for family vacations, I have often overlooked the area of Owen’s Valley. It was just a vast grassland meadow miles after miles located adjacent to the Sierra Nevada’s. Although it may not be as vibrant and green as it once was, this place has a unique quality of it’s own. This place is rich in history and interesting to see the amount of change it has undergone throughout the century. Interesting to see the amount of controversy has happened over it’s water rights, ownership of the land and it’s distribution to Southern California and how the fights are still continuing to this day. It was great to hear from Henry of the Pauit tribe who is apart of the water rights battle versus the information heard from DWP help hear from two side and their opinions of the location. Having the opportunity to hear a small part from all sides of the water rights gave much insight to see the ongoing struggle that this area is continuing to have each day. Having the opportunity to explore around during our free time was the best part of all. Venturing off to see new places such as Alabama Hills, Cerro Gordo, Mt. Whitney trail head and Del La Cour Ranch has opened my mind about the over seen.  By exploring Owen’s Valley it has made me more aware of the dangers of over using water and how it can ultimately alter the formation and ecology of a location.


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