Unfolding the Narrative


Writing our project narrative was probably the most exciting part in our design. We had to really sit down and think about what the project is about and how it came to be.  In fact, it was an ongoing process that developed through weeks of research.  We took into consideration the artwork that was generated by hand such as the drawing and clay models, which I thought was a very strong point in the narrative and the making of the eidetic video, which in essence foreshadowed the mood of the project.  This also led to the making of our eidetic photomontage.  The images that are layered together portray the project in a poetic sense – they sometimes superimpose one another such as rock glyphs dissolving into the mountains and volcano indicating historical significance.

One of the things we avoided doing in the narrative and the final presentation was to state everything that we did rather than why we did it.  The narrative was successful in that regard but after receiving our critiques, I thought we could do a better job in conveying our concept in a cultural standpoint.  Mentioning about culture, people, and symbolism requires serious amount of peculiarity and research; something that was somewhat overlooked in my part.   Overall I appreciated the audacity of our project and narrative, and there were many things that were learned from taking this comprehensive course.


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