The Spirit of Language

grasshopper screenshotgraft [Converted]

Computer programming was something I had always wanted to grasp more upon.  Every design must have a verbal and visual language, and computer programming seems to be one of the ways to convey that. To be honest, I was initially very enthusiastic about learning Grasshopper scripts.  However, the deeper I got into finicking with various scripts, the more confused I became.   This is because of the learning curb and time effort required to seriously get ahold of the program.  I felt pressured in creating something completely original; but in the end I created a script that was mostly based from an existing one.  Actually, the benefit to this is that I learned so much more about the parameters that are involved in creating a script.

This also raises question of the actual role of using programs such as Grasshopper in the world of design.  Should the beauty of a script equate to the overall beauty of the design or vice versa?  It specifically deals with the mess we create as humans when it comes to language.  Even in mathematics, we have to set conditions, postulates that are attributed to a system that always needs justifications to our practical use.  I believe that there are opportunities, and lessons to be learned from these computer programs but we always need to think of these tools as a means and not an ends of a design thought.


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