Final thoughts for Owens Lake project and course

As Project 4 was coming to end we were finally seeing how all the assignments were coming together. How all the phases we had done before added to our final project. Coming up with a script and a choreography was difficult and interesting but it assisted us in our final decisions for the final project.  For our presentation we had a good presentation even though our approach was more from a construction perspective.  We wanted to make sure that forms and shapes we were looking for can be done with equipment at the Owens Lake. We were successful at finding that equipment even though it was an extensive research due that we had to look at a few companies who had the equipment we needed! Overall this project was interesting and fun for various things and one of the things I really enjoyed was doing clay models and stepping out of the computer world and experimenting with our hands. That also helped us to get a better understanding of what we wanted to do.


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