Drawing Wind and Sounds


For the Spring 2015 quarter at Cal Poly Pomona, we had the opportunity to learn about the Owens Lake in our studio class. To dive in, we attempted a series of drawings that tried to capture our interpretation of the sounds from the KPPG live stream, which is a combination of sounds from the Equidome in Los Angeles and the silos near Owens Lake. Our instructor encouraged us to “spontaneously capture the tone, intensity, harmonics, and the implied spatiality conveyed by the sounds,” to get an understanding of the site, but more importantly to start us off in the right direction for future assignments. Independently, we were also asked to visit an area of our choosing and to practice our drawings for the sound and wind of the area. The pictures shown above are just a few examples of the sound and wind drawings created by myself that helped set the stage for what is yet to come.


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