A Drawing Machine

machine_01machine_01_resultFor this assignment, we were tasked to create a machine that would move from direct influences in its environment, and by attaching different drawing mediums we systematically created a drawing machine. Guided by our previous assignments where we drew the interpretations of sound and wind, the machine itself would not be constrained to the barriers of interpretation but instead draw the actuality. Having limited time and resources, our machines were not able to be well polished as some pendulum or computer machines created by other artists, however they accomplished their goal in exploring possible patterns that may be implemented on the dry Owens lake bed.

For this particular drawing machine, the medium used was pencil, however it can be swapped with any other writing utensil. Supporting the medium are four plastic sticks with a cut in the middle running parallel in length. By attaching a bent wire in between these two sticks to hold it together, any source of movement from the ends allow for fluid motion. Next consists of jumbo straw pillars which are connected to the plastic sticks. Also attached to the pillars are the sails, which is allowed to turn from the rotation of the binder clips. Binder clips are essential as it acts as the glue that keeps everything together, as well as adding some weight to the machine to prevent the wind from blowing it away. Finally, the wires and wooden cylinders create a ring which balances the machine and allows the binder clips to move in X and Y coordinates.


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