sorrow and despair

s alt and dust blows in the wind
o ff into a distance as the story unwinds
r eminiscing what no longer exists invokes more pain
r eminders of the past induce tears heavy as rain
o nce the land of the peaceful now havoc remains
w ater is no more except for the tears falling into the drain

a ntagonists invade the frontier
n ever once they care for the land
d eed in the hands of the unrighteous

d emise of the lake now it no longer provides
e xploitation and greed in form so bona fide
s ervitude is what the lake has become
p ossessing many potentials but now only succumbs
a nd it no longer is the life source at last
i t remains only as a folktale of the past
r eminiscing as salt and dust blows in the windhandoutrendering_2


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