Final Project

Shadowed OL Plan Colored dashed

After observing and analyzing Owen’s Valley and learning about the current problems its facing, having the opportunity to implement a design that dealt with mitigating some of the issues was an interesting process. It began with experimentation of sensorial drawings influenced by environmental conditions such as wind and sound. Conceptually coming up with different variations of types of lines and line weights to represent the components of these environments and how they could be applied to a landscape became an integral part of this design. As a result of these drawings, patterns and textures emerging, that heavily influenced the two main objectives within our design, those being dust mitigation and maintaining habitat. Variations within the patterns seen in our design maintain an aesthetic approach, however, they also implement mitigating and habitat producing approaches. Having islands taking up the majority of the shallow flooded area for example, creates the opportunity for the bird population to thrive and expand in numbers which ensures the future habitat of the region.


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