Field Trip to Owens Lake

Owens Lake

Owens Lake

In week 4 of this quarter we traveled to Owens Lake around three hours away from Cal Poly Pomona. This was our site for our class and to be honest I didn’t know this place existed. I had never heard of this place and so when I saw this place I was left in awe because of the vastness and dryness of the lake. It was a great experience for me to see this place and hear the different stories from the people of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power and from the Paiute Indians. I learned that the politics of water is something very complicated and a large issue, especially in this place. It was an insightful experience as to help with seeing the interventions they are using to control the dust problem they have. In turn we were able to think of things similar to that of what they are doing as for our design to implement those interventions with more nuance.


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