Exploring Owens Valley


It was an exciting and adventurous field trip week to Owens Valley.  It truly is a strange place that requires some exploration to truly admire the interesting beauty of this unique place in California.  The drive up to Owens Valley flew by, and the scenery change was interesting to experience.  Owens Valley and the massive mountain ranges that line both sides to the East and to the West are hard to describe, and pictures dont do them justice.  My first thoughts about Owens Valley were minimal, as all i saw was a dry lake and a barren deserted landscape.  It wasnt until we were able to drive out and explore the hills and valleys and mountain ranges that my opinions about Owens Valley began to change.  I left with a newfound respect for this very special place, and i look forward to going back and visiting the area over and over again, as i am sure there is much more to be experienced and explored.


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