Eidetic montage

photomontage copy

In order to reflect our final project back to the Owens valley and its overall history we were asked to build a photo montage.This was a very fun piece to build for our final poster because it required a series of pictures from different times in history in order to put together a true meaningful story about Owens valley. I decided to start in black and white showing the arrival of the angelinos and beginning of the Owens valley destruction. The montage starts from left to right, the picture on the left shows lush green vegetation as well as native indians paintings and animals. In the middle a piece lies of the Los Angeles Aqueduct dividing the montage in half from the good old days to the present. The present conditions are reflected by machinery followed by a poor,dull and dusty environment, which is what is currently there. This photomontage like the other assignment was also  very helpful to me because i learned  a new tool to use in future assignments.


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