Wind Drawing Machine

How can someone see the wind? Well this can be done by several ways. The method we used was by making a drawing machine. This machine has to capture the wind and translate it into marks on a paper. These marks can be done with pencil, paint or any other drawing media. Several type of wind drawing machine exist. The one I selected was a pendulum like machine, except this machine has wiggle room for it to slide around. First there is a base and a sub base the sub base is lifted a couple inches off the base. What supports the sub base are four dowels and at the top of the dowels there are rubber bands which is the media to hold the pencil. I wanted to experiment with something else other than string (like a normal pendulum would work). In the sub base there is extra room for the dowels to wiggle around and create more movement. Lastly I placed sails on every part that would make the machine move. The results of this machine are a set of dots. This is due to the media holding the pencil, in this case rubber bands. I was satisfied with the results because with time you start to see a pattern of dots on the paper. Wind Drawing Machine


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