Visiting Owens Valley

A panoramic photo of Owens Valley.

A panoramic photo of Owens Valley.

Owens Valley was our project site for our quarter project as well as our field trip location. Although we had conducted research on the site and had discussions with our professor of the current site conditions of the lake, I still did not know what to expect out of this 4 day field trip. The drive to Owens Valley was a journey and experience itself. Driving at about 80mph on the 395 towards the ranch was an exciting experience. We got to experience lighting and a lot of natural setting sights. Once getting to the ranch, I still felt a bit unfamiliar and out of place. As time went by and we got to learn more about the lake and got to visit sites I felt a but more comfortable and I grasped a lot of new information. I must say that I am very glad I got the chance to go on this field trip because I would have probably never visited the site on my own. I think  it was very informational and listening to speakers who are actual residents of the lake was very eye opening. I went to places that I would have probably never have visited on my own. Overall the field trip made me value the conditions that I currently live in and of course it made me appreciate and take in deeper consideration our drought and water usage.


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