Video Producing: Owens Valley

During our stay at the De La Cour Ranch, my peers and myself were capturing images and footage that would capture the essence and feeling of Owens Valley. Day or night, Sunny or Cloudy our cameras and phones were always on call ready to snap beautiful scenery or moments that we experienced at the lake. The full visit at Owens Valley was filled with a lot pf documenting and snapping. I purposely did not review any of my photos during my stay there. Reviewing my photos once I was back home was a neat surprise. Having this amazing collection of photos and videos gave me and my peers a god inspiration to create videos that would define and show the feeling and essence of Owens Valley. It was a different process, for none of us had ever worked with video editing. Our final result was very pleasing. I was content with the final product of our video. After watching everybody’s video was simply amazing. Everybody contributed with very unique and creative ideas to their video.

Below are some of my favorite shots from my collection. These were some of the images that made me appreciate Owens Lake large Scale.

IMG_3693 IMG_3777 IMG_3699


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