Final Presentation


Final presentation day had finally arrived. The days leading up to it were quite stressful. We were required to use parametric tools for our final design. We started by writing algorithms of the machine choreography and diagramming what they would look like. After getting a sense of how algorithms work, with their different parameters and variables, we were ready to start using Grasshopper which is a parametric plug-in for the 3D design program Rhino. After going through a basic introductory video course online, I began by looking for a Grasshopper script that created the form I was looking for. Based off of my clay models, I sought one that created a spiral or something similar to it. After much searching, I decided to try one script that created grids of polygons and rotated each successive one based off of parameters that I set. It was an interesting script, but it was not what I was looking for. I fiddled around with the script trying to do something else, but somehow I ended up getting the spiral pattern that I wanted. It was a stroke of luck. For the next few days I worked on other diagrams for our final project. One day, after developing our narrative, my partner came up with some great ideas. Our narrative now had deeper associations with the historical context of the site. With these new ideas, we steadily worked night after night to develop our final project.

On the day of the final presentation, my partner and I presented towards the end of the designated presentation period. For the most part, we felt that our verbal presentation went fairly well. However, we felt a bit rushed. We didn’t get to finish explaining the rest of our project because the juror needed to leave soon and there were still a few more presentations left.


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