Drawing the Wind

Drawings generated by the wind machine. The machine is wind activated.

Drawings generated by the wind machine. The machine is wind activated.


Image depicts Wind machine in action generating drawings.


Arial view of the wind machine. It shows its components and some of the construction.

Drawing the wind was a task that i had never done before. at first it was a bit of a challenge to disable my senses and only focus on the visual aspect of wind. I was quite confused as to what to draw. This process only improved after imaginative and creative thoughts took over my mind. It was not a literal picture that I had to create but more of the notion and the abstract capture of the wind. I created several drawings that depicted my interpretation of wind and its notion. After completing a set of drawings we continued a step forward and we created a machine that was meant o be activated by the density and velocity of wind. My machine was quite simple yet successful in my opinion. It was made from materials I found laying around in my garage such as, wooden sticks, string, clips and wire. Markers where the medium that wind translated into a drawing. As the wind blew and activated my machine, circular motion was the dominant shape of the drawings and nodes occurred within. Wind machine drawings opened up the door for the next phase in the design process.


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