Patterns – Mistaken dreams

photo 1 photo 3

Patterns in the American Landscapes echo our morality on the land. The photos above are a collection of photos from the book Taking Measures Across the American Landscape, by James Corner Alex MacLean, and Denis Cosgrove. The essays and photographs in the book allowed me to realize that the patterns we are proposing for the Owens Valley will never be as lively, but rather they can have a moral or be metaphorical. A moral attitude or metaphor that reflects back on what the Owens Valley could have been perhaps. The photo of roads is an image that “deceives faraway investors into believing that their plot of land is real and available. When the new owners turn up to build their house, however, they find just another scam, measured from greed, foolishness, and mistaken dreams.” In our case, the patterns that we will propose in the Owens Valley can certainly be a reflection of mistaken dreams. Never as lively as those from the flowers fields shown above, but rather functional and poetic in a metaphorical way.


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