The Mournful Lake

OLMontageDriving into Owens Lake and seeing such mile long empty lakebed was a moment of extreme sadness and contemplation for me. Seeing such enormous area and visualizing the vast amounts of water that once filled this lake was astonishing. I could only think about the actions that were taken over the years that left this lake completely dry. Even then I could not process how such vast amounts of water could just disappear. How is it possible that no long term action plan was put in place to avoid this very thing from happening? After hearing the various speakers talk about their own personal connection with the lake and hearing there different stories I began to gain a better understanding about what happened. Its hard to think about how certain people’s greed and exploitation can have such harmful and negative effects to thousands of people. It is truly sad how a once plentiful and rich lake was quickly turned into nothing more than an empty, dry lake bed.


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