The Hidden Owens Valley

As the water in southern California continues to be more scarce, we have to continue to look at different ways to conserve water and import less from up north. But to truly understand the magnitude of how southern California gets its water, one must travel to the Owens Valley. There you will find the the remains of what a hundred years ago was one of the most amazing landscapes in the United states. No longer is the once mighty Owens lake present, all thats left behind is a few large ponds and plenty of salt. Farming and the city of Los Angeles have drastically change this landscape by draining its most precious source of water. However, all is not lost because there are signs of what once was a lush valley full of life. This particular place was the De La Cour ranch, a place full of life where the remains of the old Owens Valley are still present. Here we learned about the Owens Valley and how it continuous to loose its soul and life because we the southern Californians continue to take the soul of this valley the “Water”. This was a great experience that no words can described, in oder to truly understand one must visit this hidden valley. DSC_0375


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