Understanding the Lakebed


Part of the understanding of Owens Lake was to try and mimic topographic patterns and strategies that can be applied on the lakebed onto our own clay models. I found this strategy to be quite rewarding because it further enhanced my understanding of what the Owens Lake can really be. By actually moving, scraping and massaging my clay model I was able to re-create various patterns and strategies that have the potential to work in Owens Lake. This assignment allowed me to see the potential that the lakebed has. By incorporating various techniques the lakebed can be transformed into something that has much more aesthetic value while at the same time being a place with increasing habitat for animals, and a place where families can come and enjoy an afternoon. Although the patterns created where at a smaller scale as compared to the size of the actual site, one can only imagine how repetition of such designs and strategies can have a major impact on this site.


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