the lost lake


Visiting the Owens Lake enabled us to experience first-hand the despondent conditions of the area as a result of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power’s (LADWP) neglectfulness. Regardless of the fact that the lake was on its way to drying up naturally due to climatic changes, the LADWP sped up the process. Currently, the LADWP is amending for its mistakes by implementing different dust mitigation controls that suppress the hazardous dust storms in the lake.

Despite Owens Lake’s sorrowful history and unfortunate circumstances today, there were many moments during the trip that made me feel awe and intrigued. The valley revealed numerous qualities and conditions that inspired my imagination and creative process. Out of all of the sites that I visited during the trip, I felt the most engaged when I visited KPPG owned by Metabolic Studios. I was fascinated by the function and intent of the silos exhibited in the site, which was for sound production, as well as the isolation of the place. In addition, I was absorbed in the overall mood of the place evoking a sense of desolateness.


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