owens lake, the suppressed flyway


This research phase gave a strong foundation in my shallow pool of knowledge of the Owens Lake. Although already familiar with the Pacific Flyway due to numerous Los Angeles River projects, I was unaware that the Owens Lake was part of the expansive network of migratory routes. My interest in the Pacific Flyway pushed me to learn more about what exactly attracts birds to the lake. Before the lake dried up, it was a major stomping ground for millions of birds along their migratory route. Currently, the only features that sustains the migratory population in Owens Lake are the areas being re-watered on the lake as means of mitigating PM10. As a result of these re-watered areas, minor habitats of brine flies are formed, a major supply of food for a high number of birds, as well as clusters of algae. This chain reaction prompted me to look into the bigger network for food web, which revealed the hierarchy of the food chain. Ultimately, this set of research unveiled the potential of shallow flooding and other means of re-watering present in the Owens Lake.


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