Wind drawings

Wind 8pm

Wind 9am

Edited-05 Edited-06

Our first day of class in studio, we were instructed to listen to sounds emitted from the Live KPPG radio station. Without knowing where the live sounds came from, we began perceiving and recording them; and although the source was unknown, our intent was to hunt the representation of the unknown which became more and more intriguing as we kept listening. Some sounds I recognized were bird and airplane sounds, which had me perceive that this place was this place was either a wetland or a prairie isolated in a micro climate in a desert. After hearing the station numerous times at different times of the day, a set of six drawings followed demonstrating the notations resulting from the tracking of sounds. When drawing these pieces, I felt the some of the sounds were disturbing and had some sort of perversion in it, but also I felt restricted as my vision was useless. Listening to the sound of the radio station was definitely a unique experience that contributed to my perception skills.


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