Owens Lake field trip

DSC_0578 Dust Background

Field trip week was an invaluable experience to me. Although we learned in class the history and geomorphology of Owens Lake, walking and driving in the area change my perspective; it made me understand further what exactly Owens Lake is, what it was, and what it could possibly be. Listening to lectures and stories from several points of view forced me to be critical of the existing conditions. Having the opportunity to speculate on the future of Owens Lake is fascinating to me, as this project is very site specific and that such conditions have not yet occurred anywhere else in the world. Seeing with my own eyes the reddish colors of the water, the habitat, the vegetation, the infrastructure, and the vast use of water needed to mitigate the dust storms made me understand the extent and significance of this project. As a designer, it seems at first challenging to come up with a strategy for such a large project that can improve the quality of life for both humans and habitat without consuming stratospheric amounts of water.


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