Creating a Video Montage


In the profession of landscape architecture, the use of the photo-montage is a valuable tool for communicating to clients the look and feel of a future development. By creating a video-montage the medium becomes a tool for the designer to achieve a greater understanding of what the project area is truly about. In an essay titled, Four Trace Concepts in Landscape Architecture, Cristophe Girot describes the process of “realizing” a site with the intention of producing a design that is grounded in both research and an intuitive understanding of the essence of the place. He describes our first encounter as “landing” on the site and embarking on an “odyssey” where observe the site with wonderment and develop an impression of different forces that may have converged to shape that particular landscape. Capturing footage and taking photos of the site to create a minute-long video-montage is a part of this process of gauging the spirit of Owen’s Lake and will ultimately help us develop more thoughtful and grounded designs for revitalizing the lake and surrounding areas.


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