drawing with magnetics

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Explorative design of a machine that intended to manifest the formation of iron shavings within a magnetic field developed a three-dimensional drawing of pinnacle sort of shapes. Kinetic vibrations initiated the movement of the magnetic field which in turn created a variation of pinnacle shapes from the iron shavings pile. During my explorative wind and sound drawings, I developed a hierarchy of line weights that accumulated value variation and unintendedly created undulating forms with looked like certain parts are lifted or wrinkled off the page. A dashed field of ambient line strokes were sound rhythms that flow endlessly around the wind drawing lines. The correlation between the drawing machine and the wind & sound drawings was a matter of an unprecedented mood that inspired me to draw using tangent touching lines where I hardly lifted my pencil off the page. The drawing machine developed the same style where the drawing was part of the whole machine/instrument since the iron shaving pinnacle forms could not exist without the magnetic field created. Overall, these projects helped me develop patterns and forms that inspire ideas for pattern implementation into dust mitigation techniques.


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