AF video

Aqueduct Futures intro Video on Vimeo

Cal Poly Pomona Landscape Architecture students with Prof. Barry Lehrman and Jonathan Linkus (exhibit co-designer) share how the Aqueduct Futures Project has changed their attitudes towards water and came to understand the impact of the Los Angeles Aqueduct to all of California.

In order of appearance:

Barry Lehrman – project director
Jonathan Linkus – exhibit co-designer
Ernest Little
Ernesto Perez
Anais Placido
Alejandro Castellon
Anthony Vazquez Perez
Gabrielle Fladd
Christian Vasquez

Produced and Directed by:

Barry Lehrman

Videographer and editor:

Preston Perry


Students in LA499 Spring 2013


This video is under a Creative Commons license: attribute & share alike. All other rights reserved.


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