Aqueduct Futures Video

Aqueduct Futures from Infinipi Studios on Vimeo.

Filmed this spring with students from LA499 Aqueduct Futures Practicum, this video shares the impacts of the Aqueduct Futures Project on the students.

Featuring (in order of appearance):

  • 0:00-0:26 Barry Lehrman (project director & lead instructor)
  • 0:27-1:01 Roy Guillen (BSLA candidate)
  • 1:01-1:35 Ernesto Perez (BSLA candidate)
  • 1:36-2:11 Jonathan Linkus (project co-designer)
  • 2:12-2:36 Anais Placido (BSLA candidate)
  • 2:47-3:36 Alex Castellon (BSLA candidate)
  • 3:37-4:33 Anthony Vasquez Perez (BSLA candidate)
  • 5:08-5:32 Gabrielle Fladd (Master of Regenerative Studies candidate)
  • 5:47-6:40 Christian Vasquez (Master of Urban/Regional Planning candidate)

Production credits:

  • Producer: Barry Lehrman
  • Director/Cinematographer/Editor: Preston Perry (infinipi studios & Master of Regenerative Studies candidate)
  • Cameras/Sound: students in LA499

Shared with a creative commons license (share, remix). For broadcast purposes, please contact Barry ( before airing.


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