This quarter has flew by so quick and with no time to take a break, the ASLA, Andy Wilcox and Dillon Diers made it possible for a number of us to visit Sunnylands in Rancho Mirage, California. Our visit to the 9-acre garden that is an extension 200 acre estate from the Annenberg Foundation.

Our tour guide, Dillon Diers, gave us the overall tour since he was the project manager for Sunnylands and a Cal Poly Graduate. He gave us the grand tour while explaining some of the design solutions about the project. When on exits the main building you come up on a fountain that has an overflow of 1/16” but sound louder than the amount of water falling. Details like this helped with the desert environment of Sunnylands’ location for the evapotranspiration rates. The landscape has a variety of aloes, agaves, and succulents that showcase the desert plant community.

This tour was a great experience to see a project at this size. I highly recommend for everyone to take a trip to Rancho Mirage and visit Sunnylands.


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