Reaching the End

This blog post is meant to be a reflection of the quarter and my thoughts of the future of this project.

This quarter has come to an end.  With it comes the realization of all the work we have done and what we could have done better.  Overall, the work that was produced for this class was unlike any other design class.  The structure was also different.  This was a rewarding experience.  The class offered the opportunity to work in an environment that focused on how our work will be displayed.  We worked on gathering information for the website and the exhibition.  In collaboration with the computer science and graphic arts students, we made the content easily readable to the public.  We created maps.  The focus of this assignment was to create a map that helps make a visual understanding of the conditions surrounding the LA Aqueduct.  These maps were to be displayed online in the website as well as in the exhibition.  The latter part of the quarter dealt with refining our maps and preparing them for the exhibition.  An example of this was posted in an earlier blogpost.

Outdoor Water Use Exhibition Board

The class was an overall rewarding experience.  However, some of the things I would have liked to refine is the collaboration with the other students.  Some of the collaboration was difficult because of the different schedules of the other classes.  The computer science students were more readily available for collaboration.  The graphic arts students posed more of a challenge.  Regardless, both were a lot of help when making the final product.  Collaboration was difficult but not impossible.  If the schedules were synchronized, the collaborative work could have been improved.  As mentioned before, this quarter was rewarding.


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