Outdoor Water Use

Outdoor Water Use Exhibition Board

This is an example of an exhibition board that will be displayed on the wall during the exhibition week.  This poster board contains information such as the map that was created, two interesting facts, and an about section.  This format and the colors used are meant to attract the attention of the people walking by.  The format and colors are items that were determined by the graphic arts students.  We worked in collaboration with them to create an interesting piece that will read good in the website as well as in the exhibition.

This specific board is a board that depicts the outdoor water use in Los Angeles.  One of the interesting facts compares the amount of outdoor water use by single-family residencies and multi-family residencies.  Single-family use is equal to 40% while multi-family is only 16%.  The other interesting fact is the amount of water used in a large lot size.  A large lot size uses up to 1.6M gallons/year.  In this same fact box, I also included the ETWU calculation.  This calculation generates the estimated total water use.  I thought that including this information will induce people to do calculations for their own lawns.  This way people can really know how much water they potentially use outdoors.


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